This page contains information about our products, both in development and ready for production.



Gweu-OUT is our flagship product designed to take a beating from not only vandals but the worst of what mother nature can deliver. We can install our product in bus shelters, high traffic bus stops, and central transit hubs and provide everything someone on the go may need: Route information, transit times, weather reports, community alerts, amber alerts, and traffic related news.

What sets Gweu-OUT apart from other systems is that we incur all infrastructure related costs, maintenance costs, and provide support all while costing users nothing and transit authorities nothing. In addition we offer an advertising platform that gives affordable priority to small and local businesses with a model that gives a minimum of 10% of sales back to the local authority to re-invest in environmental and public transit related developments.

Currently we can also include free and paid wifi into our systems as well as real time bus tracking if the technology already exists within the transit network(We will work with an authority to develop a working system if it is wanted).


The Gweu-IN is the indoor brother of Gweu-OUT. Designed specifically as an information kiosk we can give contact information, directions, hours of operation and administrative information. It can be designed as information-only, or with advertising, and a variety of possible fee structures possible to maintain a 21st century solution for your building. What sets us apart from the competition is our smaller design and smaller environmental footprint helping not only to keep an open floor design, but a green peace of mind.


An IOS/Droid/WIN8 application designed to assist parents and teams getting to a field, have a community roster,  updates, and contact information all in one easy to understand application. We will be providing this to any and all sports associations at a negotiable fee of $5-10 per team remaining free for users.


Currently in conceptual phase, we are actively developing a much smaller information kiosk system for low traffic bus stops that would complement Gweu-OUT. The design would completely eliminate any need for a dial-kiosk system within a transit network while remaining just as robust as it’s larger partner. The intention is to keep the device off the power-grid through Photovoltaic technology keeping in line with our commitment to environmental sustainability with our technologies.